We offer our clients full advertising service of their brand and any project. We get to work after a careful analysis of the brief and the completion of necessary research, which lets us formulate strategic and tactical goals and precisely define the group of recipients.

We always focus on a proper communication strategy, functional, creative solutions and selection of the proper tools and optimal communication channels. This ensures the high effectiveness of our projects. We are the authors of many successful campaigns and effective sales programs for Polish and global companies.

A few years ago we returned to the media purchasing market because it was no longer enough to just be big to achieve success. Today we have to, first of all, demonstrate experience, cunning, and a custom approach.

MARTIS MEDIA's offer focuses on individualized planning and optimization of the campaign, both in traditional media and on the Internet.

We are distinguished by skillfully combining the Internet with television, which is one of the most effective ways to achieve communication goals. We always guarantee clients the highest efficiency at a relatively low cost of the campaign.

Signage is primarily branding, design, architecture, CX and fit-out. We specialize in complex interior design, information systems and identification, special furniture and exhibition stands, as well as sales stands in public buildings.

According to the rules of "omnichannel marketing", within the framework of MARTIS SIGNAGE, we offer clients a complete package of services for the concept and implementation of which we are responsible at every stage of cooperation - from inventing names, logos, and the brand strategy to the CX (Customer Experience) package and supervision of production.

We invent, we create, we design, we offer solutions, we conduct authorship supervision, project management, and comprehensive implementation, all supported by relevant references.

We have many years of experience, both with very large facilities like malls and shopping centers with an area of over 100,000 m2 of GLA, as well as with individual exhibition stands that meet specific customer requirements.

The Company operates in the area of programming, customized application development, and on-line marketing, and its offer is addressed both to those who are taking the first step on the web, as well as those who want to build their competitive advantage on the Internet.

The solutions we propose to effectively combine information technology consulting with e-marketing by integrating sales and distribution systems with tools such as web pages, online shops, social networking sites, Internet forums and mobile communication systems.

MARTIS INTERACTIVE's offer includes competencies in the field of SEO, SEM and Social Media, implemented in close cooperation with MARTIS PR.

At some point, we wanted to prove (to ourselves also) that we can do more than just advertising spots. Since 2002, as a shareholder and co-founder of "Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników” (Union of Artists and Craftspeople - ZAiR Sp. z o.o.), we work in the production of films and other artistic projects.

Our achievements include many typical advertising and documentary productions. We also created a feature film that was enthusiastically received by critics and audiences "Zmruż oczy" (more than 30 awards, including the Orzeł 2004 for the best Polish film in five categories) and "Sztuczki" which received multiple awards in Poland and abroad, the best film of the XXXII International Film Festival in Gdynia in 2007. The most recent film that was distributed by ZAIiR in 27 countries is an international co-production "Imagine" from 2012.

At the end of 2016, ZAiR completed its fourth production and now we are waiting for the premiere...

We offer clients specialized services in the areas of traditional PR and the modern e-PR, which is associated with online activities, although in recent years it is more and more difficult to divide the reality around us in this way.

Among others, we deal with the long-term development of the image of companies, products, brands, people in all the media and the client’s business environment.

We plan and conduct communication with the market, we offer strategic consulting and prepare and implement strategies, as well as investor and corporate relations social responsibility programs (CSR).

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all under one roof!

all under one roof!

We are one of the oldest and most experienced Polish advertising companies. It’s hard to believe, but we have been operating continuously for 28 years now.

We function as a group of companies with common roots, and the structure and complementary competences of individual entities of MARTIS GROUP developed over the years make it possible to meet the marketing needs of any client, to whom we deliver comprehensive solutions, profiled for their specific requirements. This brings the expected results and directly translates into increased sales of products or services, the promotion of which is entrusted to us by the client.



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